Bridges and waterways

DJK is a leading partner in bridges, lock gates and structures for the road and waterways.

DJK Zuidbroek B.V. has been building the most diverse fixed and movable bridges for years and is known as a solid and reliable partner.

As a specialist, we have experience in various contract forms (D&C, E&C, Maintenance, Turn-Key, UAV 1989/1992 and UAV-GC-2005).

All activities within bridge construction can be accommodated at DJK, including engineering, the complete construction of the steel structures on-site assembly and planned maintenance.

In addition to new construction, we are able to offer renovation and maintenance.

We often work together with municipal, provincial and national governments, or in combination with civil contractors.

DJK also participates in special innovative projects, such as the first composite pontoon bridge. Our ability to think with our customers to find the best solution sets us apart.

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