PMF wins Koploper Prize

The winner in 2020 of the Koploper project for sustainable entrepreneurship is PMF. The prize from the Koploper project is the 'Groninger Kroon' apple tree. The tree of an old native variety, that symbolizes the continuous sustainable process that bears fruit every year. And of course it is the crowning glory of the work that has been done during the Koploper project. Director Henk Slik and Kor van der Berg planted the apple tree in the front garden of PMF in Uithuizen last Monday.

During the 9 month Koploper project on sustainable entrepreneurship, 9 companies submitted to a thorough assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and a CO2 impact measurement and exchanged knowledge and results during educational workshops with Technical Experts. Finally, the results were assessed by an independent jury.

During the (digital) Koploper symposium that was broadcast from the Pop Up studio "Wongema" in Hornhuizen, the winner was revealed by Alderman Kristel Rutgers as PMF.

For PMF the Koploper project has provided more insight and awareness on the effect of our business operations on the environment, personnel and society. The insights from the project has allowed us to develop our sustainability strategy and as we implement improvements throughout the businesses in PMF Industry Group, we’re able to improve our sustainability.

We are also fortunate that we can contribute to a greener society through the work we do for a number of our customer. This work has given us the opportunity to directly support the energy transition through a number of hydrogen projects, the fabrication of wind turbine towers in addition to playing a role in the construction of demo installations. We are also fortunate to be able to support our customers in the recycling industry through the manufacture of components and process installations.

At PMF we believe we all have to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and we’re proud of some of the steps we have made on the journey to improve our sustainability. These include the welding of all products in our Uithuizen workshop using solar energy to having started to incorporate electric vehicles in to our vehicle fleet. We’re also proud of the versatility of our businesses and employees to adopt to the challenges of the global pandemic and implement appropriate measures to continue to provide our customers with the best possible service.

We are committed to our journey to improve our sustainability and look forward to seeing the tree grow.

Follow the link to see the symposium: Symposium

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PMF wins Koploper Prize

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