In 1854 PMF was founded in the town of Oude Pekela in the North of The Netherlands. Production of steel parts for the ship building industry was the main activity. After 100 years a new location was grounded in Uithuizen active in the steam boiler market. In a few years time the Uithuizen plant became independent. Since 1965 six other branches were acquired with their own specialized steel products. 

Nowadays PMF Industry Group is active in a wide range of mechanical products and services like Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Piping Systems and Skid mounted modules and Steel bridges. Besides this we provide maintenance and installation services to a broad range of industries. 

  • Founded in Oude Pekela

  • PMF was aquired by the Slik family and relocated from Oude Pekela to Uithuizen

  • De Jong Konstruktie Zuidbroek was aquired by PMF

  • Bozo Trappenbouw was aquired by PMF

  • Veenstra Glazenborg was partially aquired by PMF

  • Noordhof Konstruktiewerken Hellum was aquired by PMF

  • Blancke Metaal BV was aquired by PMF

  • Schäfer Machine- en Apparatenbouw was aquired by PMF