Pressure Equipment and prefabrication

Customised Pressure Equipment

PMF is a specialist in the design, engineering and fabrication of pressure equipment.

Thanks to the broad qualifications and certifications held by PMF we are able to work with a wide range of metals and manufacture a broad range of industrial process equipment for customers from our shops in the Netherlands.

Our solution-oriented mentality, expertise and ability to work with our customers to develop the best solution guarantees a unique device that can be used directly in your production process.

Our draughtsmen utilise Autocad inventor and Navis works as our primary software packages and we manufacture pressure vessels such as heat exchangers, separators, dust filters, distillation columns, gas separators and gas sampling equipment. Depending on your specifications, we produce in carbon steel, duplex, stainless steel and various alloys.

Our facilities which include white and carbon steel halls are fully equipped with state of the art equipment in accordance with the latest fabrication and testing standards and include a bunker for equipment testing.

PMF is PED/H1 certified and produces in accordance with client specifications and applicable the global standards such as EN13445, ASME IV, PD5500 and AD2000.

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