Special Structures

PMF has the facilities and competences to manufacture large structures. Prefab construction increases efficiency and positively contributes to safety. In combination with subcontractors for hydraulic systems and E&I we have built various equipment, for offshore as well as onshore applications.

We are able to produce large structures in our Zuidbroek and Delfzijl workshop in accordance with our customers designs and international standards and offer detailed engineering in accordance with our customer’s project specifications. We are then able to manufacture the structure and organize testing, certification and transport.

Applications of these constructions are found in a broad range of industries, for example the recycling industry where we manufacture both structures and components for specialists equipment OEMs, supporting the energy transition through the fabrication and installation of structural steel for windmills. We further support the offshore and onshore industries in the fabrication of specialist valve bodies, carousels, injector platforms, spooler frames, rotor frame manipulators and structures for service ships and barges to name but a few.

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