Collaboration in making products more sustainable

Material Passorts

Within PMF Industry Group, working together with clients to make processes and products more sustainable is one of our goals.

A very nice and concrete example stems from our decades-long collaboration with NV Nederlandse Gasunie. Since the beginning of this year, PMF has been working enthusiastically with Gasunie in a pilot project on the preparation of raw material passports for the prefabricated products that Gasunie receives from PMF every week.

This is recorded in the raw materials passport:

-     the various raw materials and the weights of the products to be delivered

-     for what percentage the raw material can be recovered at the end of the product's life cycle

-for what percentage the raw material consists of recycled material

It requires quite a lot of research since some of the products that PMF supplies consist of dozens of raw materials. A circularity score can be determined per product and in the future the score can be taken into account when making purchasing decisions. In addition, it provides insight into the extent to which products are circular and where steps can still be taken.

The next step is that PMF wants to increase the share of recycled raw materials used.

This process involves collaboration with both our suppliers and Gasunie.

Gasunie then works on uniformity with other grid and infrastructure managers.

With this, Gasunie joins the SDGs, i.e. Sustainable Development Goals.

In collaboration with several large network and infrastructure managers, they aim to accelerate the structural change towards the new, sustainable economy.

Gasunie recently expressed a positive opinion about the progress made by PMF after the delivery of the first 62(!) raw materials passports.

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Collaboration in making products more sustainable

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