Introducing Tip Tig Welding at PMF Mechanical, Uithuizen

With over 100 years’ experience, you could say PMF Mechanical has made metal work in to an art form and central to this is our competence in welding. There’s nothing we like better at PMF then to use our expertise in materials, standards and welding to continually develop what can be achieved in manufacturing high quality products for our customers, be it in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex Stainless Steels, or other alloys.

It will probably therefore be no surprise to hear that PMF Mechanical are one of the first companies in the Netherlands to incorporate TIP TIG welding to the substantial catalogue of welding processes that we have certified for our manufacturing.

This process is a very unique hot wire TIG welding process for automated welding, bore cladding, orbital welding and aluminum welding that uses a wire feed technology, the benefits of which are high deposition rates with the lowest possible heat input values consistently delivering the greatest metallurgical results on all alloys. It’s also a much more efficient welding process than traditional GTAW welding.

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Introducing Tip Tig Welding at PMF Mechanical, Uithuizen

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