Projects and Turnsarounds

In the field of Projects & Shutdowns, PMF is a transparent and flexible organisation with extensive experience and a hands on mentality. PMF is able to offer an extensive range of products and services.

We manage turnarounds for various clients in a broad range of sectors, always working according to the same strategy of developing that most value for our client. This often leads to working in integrated teams with our client to avoid duplication of functions and ensure we create a win-win situation for all involved.

Turnaround strategy

Turnarounds and maintenance shutdowns can be an integral part of the operational management of a factory or plant. PMF is committed to the customer's interest in ensuring that the turnaround goes without a hitch. A turnaround always costs a client production time and money. It’s therefore critical that the right preparations are made. Over the years, we have built up enormous knowledge and experience in managing and executing maintenance in shutdowns.

From one-day stops to multi-week stops, PMF can get the job done!

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